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Tourist Tips Whiteboard

Outside tube stations, next to tourist attractions, visitors leave useful comments
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Provide whiteboards (and pens) for visiting tourists to leave comments, observations and useful tips.

London is pretty intimidating, even for people with English as a first language. Difficult to navigate, confusing naming- systems (Underground/Overground...), and an occasionally unwelcoming population.

So. At the entrance to tube stations and tourist attractions, a whiteboard and pens to allow visitors to leave messages for their compatriots.

There would be occasional inappropriate messages, but generally people would leave useful, encouraging stuff.

Frankx, Oct 01 2019

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       // generally people would leave useful, encouraging stuff.//   

       We find your naiive faith in human nature touchingly misplaced.
8th of 7, Oct 01 2019

       I'm with [8th of 7] on this.
By the second dawn, the whole board will be covered with graffiti & phone numbers, and the pens will all be stolen.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 01 2019

       //Underground/Overground..// Wombling free.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 02 2019

       At UCSB they have a huge cork board when you first walk on to the grounds, that everyone posts upcoming events, and odds and ends on. Things for sale, apts. for rent...etc.   

       What is different other than where it's located? Which basically you could just steal and replant anywhere you wish. (If your a thief, of course.)
blissmiss, Oct 02 2019

       ...I guess it’s the same, but more directed at visitors from overseas, who might find the British lack of other languages a barrier. I just imagine being a Japanese tourist getting off the tube and finding a small message in my native language saying “don’t give up, great things to see, avoid the night bus...”
Frankx, Oct 02 2019

       //Tourist Tips Whiteboard// Has bail been posted?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 02 2019

       // might find the British lack of other languages a barrier. //   

       That's the whole point. All they have to do is remember how to speak and understand English. All* furriners do actually know this, but have simply forgotten how after years of jabbering in their funny furrin lingo.   

       *except the welsh, to whom the comprehensible spoken word is a concept still awaiting the invention of vowels and the realization that no useful meaning is conveyed by just putting c's, v's double-l's and double-f's together in random sequences.
8th of 7, Oct 02 2019

       Oh Franky, I get the difference now. It's not a different location, it's a different language that makes the difference. I get it.
blissmiss, Oct 02 2019

       [+] But the young don't grow up fast enough yet, for this to currently work.
wjt, Oct 05 2019


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