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lose your jump drive often?
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From what I've seen, people lose their jump drives on a pretty regular basis. If jump drives were to be made with a small tracker chip inside, this problem would be solved. It could charge when plugged into a computer, and be activated by remote. This would only increase the price by a couple of dollars, since the tracker doesn't have to be extremely powerful, and would save people tons of time searching for lost jump drives. This could translate into other small objects as well, such as keys and cell phones (for when you have the ringer off).
fett625, Jan 12 2010

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       What sort of signal does this tracking chip emit?
bungston, Jan 12 2010

       It would be like the kind that they can put in kids now, it would emit a short range radio wave because, quite frankly, you shouldnt ever need to find it when you're more than a few hundred feet away. And the tracking device would either have a dot on a small screen moving showig where it would be in relation to you, or a beeping noise that increases frequency as you get closer.
fett625, Jan 13 2010


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