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Traffic Jam Washing Line

Don't get mad - do laundry.
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Providing you happen to be stuck in a traffic jam with a bag full of wet clothes, the Traffic Jam Washing Line really has no peer.

This handy device looks like a length of rope, similar to an ordinary washing line - but not quite. Attached to each end of the rope is a bloody great rubber sucker which abides itself to your car window.

Simply ask a neighbouring jam-ee to attach the other end of the washing line to his/her window, and you have created the perfect suspension from which to hang lightweight damp garments. If it's a nice day, they'll be dry in no time - hopefully before the traffic begins to move.

If the weather is not fortuitous, plug a hairdryer into the lighter socket and dry your clothes that way.

kpx, Sep 04 2001

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       Wouldn't the clothes get really scummy again from the dust in the air?
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 05 2001

       Why would you be carrying wet laudry around in your car?
snarfyguy, Sep 05 2001

       unless the two cars stay the same distance from each other i.e. the cars on which the ends are abiding; then the line will snap or drag along the ground
po, Sep 05 2001

       Wouldn't this would work better if the vehicle(s) were in motion?
phoenix, Sep 05 2001

       actually that learn a language in a traffic jam thing was on a UK oasis advert but they were learning welsh or something
dekoi, Sep 05 2001


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