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Traffic Lights of Orloj

Gothic themed traffic lights that make you happy to stop and watch
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Traffic Lights of Orloj are so called because they have been designed to imitate the actions of the famous mechanical and astronomical clock that stands in the centre of Prague. (see link)

A richly decorated, gothic tower encases the upper part of the traffic light, which now contains an elaborate mechanism. When the timing mechanism calls for the lights to change, a skeletal figure emerges from a hatch, waving a red lantern. Other, meaningful effigies trundle out in order from lower hatches to signify amber and green.

Folk waiting impatiently in lines of traffic are thus reminded of their own mortality, as the Lights of Orloj circle through a sequence of clanking saintly figure changes.

Drivers, and pedestrians, also have an incentive to stop, by being rewarded for not racing through just as the lights are about to change to red.

xenzag, Apr 14 2007

Pražský orloj http://en.wikipedia...rlojAniFigRight.jpg
Death to the red light jumpers [xenzag, Apr 14 2007]

Another image, only more traffic-lighty. http://en.wikipedia...allClockhzenilc.jpg
[zen_tom, Apr 15 2007]


dev45, Apr 14 2007

       merci !
xenzag, Apr 15 2007

       + I would love to drive in your world!
xandram, Apr 15 2007

       I do rather like the idea, but I wonder if anyone will be oiling the hinges on the hatch?   

       As of February the doors on the original sounded like someone blowing a handful of party whistles every time they closed.
fridge duck, Apr 15 2007

       Doesn't 'Orloj' just mean 'clock'?
pertinax, Apr 16 2007

       Sounds related to "horological".
wagster, Apr 16 2007


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