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Trigger Discipline Achievement In FPS Console Games

Reducing stupidity one COD fan at a time
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You know about those "achievement badges" you get in first person shooters like call of duty XXX...

Well one of the achievement should be given, if the player consistently practice good trigger discipline. This is by detecting amount of constant force on the trigger. If not in 'firefight', then finger should be off the trigger.

Also if possible, might want to have another, about avoiding muzzle sweeping. etc...

Or, if you point a rifle at a friendly NPC's face for too long at close range, you'll get an immediate fist to the face by that NPC.

Wonder why the NRL don't promote good safety training within videogames. Heck you could teach that during the 'training mission' in first person shooters.

Might help a few kids avoid getting their foot shot off.

mofosyne, Nov 03 2014


       This is bound to be followed by realistic ammunition constraints, funding shortages for your combat group due to excessive ammunition consumption, conflict cancellations because of taxpayer ire.   

       All of which will make for a successful video game.
normzone, Nov 03 2014

       Choosing a video camera instead of the rest of the proposed arsenal will give you some points, and you can get a peace activist badge for being abducted at least once and released for ransom, payed by ammunition and advanced weaponry to some dark regime.
pashute, Nov 04 2014


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