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Triple Animated Picture Kinetic Wind Sculpture

Three faces appear at random
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Hope I can describe this.

A kinetic sculpture that's made up of horizontal pieces that spin in the wind, (see link) but unlike the example in the link, spin independent of each other.

Every 3rd piece is a different picture of a person's face broken up like the lines on a TV screen. So face one would be on pieces 1, 4, 7, face two would be spinning pieces 2, 5, 8 etc. There are three faces that are intermingled with each other so when the they are all lined up, you see an indistinct mix of 3 faces.

The effect would occur when the wind is blowing these pieces and spinning them randomly. Occasionally, enough of the pieces representing one of the faces would line up sufficiently to give a glimpse of that face. They'd fade into each other randomly but from time to time give enough cohesive information about the image that the brain could get a rough idea of what the picture it.

It could also be other images broken into 3 parts that would morph into each other as the wind blew them around such that it might create relaxing and interesting moving images.

doctorremulac3, Jun 05 2022

Like this but all pieces moving separately https://www.amazon....1057092960409&psc=1
[doctorremulac3, Jun 05 2022]

Would sort of look like this but not. https://www.youtube...watch?v=QfmWZhOwh6s
Actually I'm not sure what it would look like. [doctorremulac3, Jun 05 2022]




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