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Twin radio mic

Double radio goodness
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Sometimes when fitting people with radio mics it is best to fit two, a technique known as "double-clipping". This can be because there are known RF problems in the room or with the speaker or performer, but is usually because the speaker is a VIP and a radio mic failure would cause all amounts of political crap to fall upon the sound man.

The problem is, VIP's tend to dislike the hassle of having a mic fitted and consequently dislike twice the hassle of having two fitted twice as much, often to the point of refusing. What I want is two lapel mics on one clip (these exist), cabled back to one transmitter body that contains two transmitters, two batteries, and two ariels - effectively two separate radio mics in one system. This would make the whole process quicker and simpler for all while maintaining redundancy.

Given the steadily shrinking size of transmitter packs, this should be achieveable with only a marginal increase in size.

wagster, Jan 15 2007

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       When interviewing former education secretaries, you could point one mic at each face.
angel, Jan 15 2007

       <Ben Elton>"Little bit of politics there!"</be>
zen_tom, Jan 15 2007

       What you need is Joseph's Technical RF-Microphone Waistcoat.   

       And if that suffered a failure, a backup Coat of Many Microphones.
zen_tom, Jan 15 2007

       The cable paths should be separated too (e.g one cable running down the person's front and then round to the back, and the other going up to the neck and down the person's back). This will avoid both cables being severed if the person is shot and the mics then being unable to pick up their dying words.
hippo, Jan 15 2007

       //This will avoid both cables being severed if the person is shot and the mics then being unable to pick up their dying words.//   

       Good point, it ought to also serve in cases of axe-based wounding (caused by careless Eugenes).
zen_tom, Jan 15 2007

       What if the bullet severs one cable on entry and the other one on exit? I'm getting a bit tired of these fatal shooting/mic failure/loss of dying words situations and I don't want to take any chances next time.
wagster, Jan 15 2007

       Far to practical to earn a bun.
the_jxc, Jan 15 2007

       You can have three cables connecting the two microphones with the transmitter units.   

       Incidentally, why do you need to use two CDC 6400s?
methinksnot, Jan 15 2007


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