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USB Memory Stick / Pez Dispenser
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What it says. Bring Pez back in style (as if it ever went out) and give it some utility. Combine a nice, sturdy, reusable base with a USB memory stick. Slide any current Pez head assembly into the base and go.
snowfox, Feb 16 2009

engadget (2004): Star Wars Pez USB http://www.engadget...z-usb-memory-stick/
[jutta, Feb 16 2009]

Instructables: 3CPO with glowing LED eyes! http://www.instruct...EPW6V21JXAEXCFMFWD/
[jutta, Feb 16 2009]

craftsbydiana@Etsy (2009): Donald Duck $25 http://www.etsy.com...listing_id=20283447
[jutta, Feb 16 2009]

Ultra-small USB Flash Drive http://www.transcen...0&Func1No=&Func2No=
Where could you hide one of these bad boys? [Canuck, Feb 17 2009]

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       Even better if you could have little PEZ-looking things that hold a GB each, and load into the "dispenser" .
colorclocks, Feb 16 2009

       It should offer up a Pez when you click "Eject".
wagster, Feb 16 2009

       I've got a new 4gb stick with broken casing (f***ing cheap staples crap). I think I'll make one of these.
Spacecoyote, Feb 17 2009


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