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USB replacement for micro chips

Physical I/O connectors are too large for mini chips. Use Bluetooth. lasers, magnetic fields, induction, or normal light for input output to tiny processors
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"Freescale Semiconductor, maker of fine computer chips, announced on Thursday the world's smallest ARM-powered chip. The KL02 is about as big as a hat for a bee, but it has everything a real computer needs. including a nice little input/output port — if you look very closely."

Physical USB type connectors are becoming too large for mini chips. Bluetooth would likely be too slow. Use lasers, normal light, or induction for input output to tiny processors. Data could be transmitted through a magnetic field if the RAM, ROM and memory were safe from magnetic field change.

Sunstone, Mar 01 2013

Tiny I/O connector on Tiny chip http://www.nbcnews....shoes-you-1C8626276
[Sunstone, Mar 01 2013]

Transmission of data via laser https://www.google....37&biw=1024&bih=573
[Sunstone, Mar 01 2013]

Transmission of data via light http://bits.blogs.n...ta-across-the-room/
[Sunstone, Mar 01 2013]

Transmission of data through induction https://www.google....al&client=firefox-a
[Sunstone, Mar 01 2013]

Transmission of data through a magnetic field https://www.google....al&client=firefox-a
[Sunstone, Mar 01 2013]

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Ling, Mar 02 2013

       Actually, I just realised that NFC could stand for "No F...ing Clue", but I meant of course: Near Field Communication. Except the antenna is too big.
Ling, Mar 02 2013

       "We don't do other peoples research or advertising here."   

       Reminds me of my old "Mouse in pocket detector" idea.
Sunstone, Mar 02 2013


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