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UV cover for pool area

A giant UV tent or greenhouse that filters out UV light
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Are you a pale geek who enjoys hanging out at the pool and swimming, yet only comes in two colors, white and red?

The ideal solution is a covering, fabric for the home, or some glass and steel structure for the public pool or hotel, that filters out UV light and lets through visible sunlight. It's open air all around the sides so you aren't enclosed in a room.

Of course, you can still get burnt, but this greatly reduces the damages.

lawpoop, Aug 20 2008


       Glass supposidly blocks UV and passes light very well. I hear this all the time but never understand how I've gotten sunburn thru a closed car window. Maybe safety glass passes UV. In that case a greenhouse over your pool will work perfectly and can be baked for the right price.
MisterQED, Aug 20 2008

       What are you doing out by the pool, pale geek? And what is that thing you enjoy hanging out? Tuck it in, then get back to your World of Warcraft!
bungston, Aug 20 2008

       [+] I wondered the same thing last weekend.... Why not cover it with a roof of some sort? It should probably make it easier to clean too (less leaves falling in the pool, but you'd have to clean the roof if it's transparent.). It could be high enough to still be very "airy".   

       Indoor pools are too humid/stinky. An outdoor, covered pool would be very nice.
sophocles, Aug 21 2008

       Sophocles - You're right on. You want it high enough that you still feel that you're outdoors.
lawpoop, Aug 21 2008


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