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This game would be played exactly like real Scrabble with two exceptions.(1) All words must be improperly spelled, and (2) If you inadvertantly correctly spell some other word, your word will be dis-allowed.
Bystander, Nov 09 2008


       My friend and I actually tried this very thing once! (2- and 3-letter words had to be spelled correctly, though; else it would be too easy to attach words alongside each other). She was much better at it than I was. I couldn't stop looking for real words... We ended up with the silliest misspellings, but as long as the word played *could* possibly be logically pronounced like the real word, it counted. 50-point bonuses abound :)
phundug, Nov 09 2008

       My friends and I played similar in that you could spell any word as long as it could, as [phundug] says, logically be pronounced phonetically but you also had to make up a seemingly reasonable definition for your new word. There were some blinders, some of which actually became useful lingo - including "strits", those fossilised chewing gums on pavements.
theleopard, Nov 10 2008

       Sorry, I should clarriffi. For example, you can legally misspell the word "table" as "tabul", "tabol", or even "taebeul". But "tabl" would be disallowed, since in English no word ends in "bl". Nor would "tabbble" be allowed since triple letters are nonexistent in English. No fair sticking a silent Q in a word either. But, the Q can realistically be used like a hard C to misspell things like qite, qake, quoissant, etc. Thanks to the nations of Iraq and Qatar, all these words are possible :)
phundug, Nov 10 2008


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