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Unauthorized Child in water ALERT system

Alerts parents/guardians if a child is too close to the edge of a pool.
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So basically this is a way to prevent children from unknowingly venturing outside into their backyards because one of their siblings or yard worker left the back fence/door open. It happens. i have known parents who have had children drown in their pool in the few minutes the child was left unattended. how it works.

Its similar to a dog shocking system. the perimeter of the pool is outfitted with a cable, wire which is much like an antenna. The child will be out fitted with a small tag. Could be a watch/bracelet. a tag attached to the shoe laces, or even injected under the skin to make sure its always there.

When this tag is within a foot or two of the pool, it sets a trigger response. Instead of sending a shock like a dog collar, a near by hub (box)by the pool is alerted and it can sound an optional alarm but MOST importantly this system can call or text any persons # that is entered into the log.

This way if you put maybe the child's siblings #s, your neighbors #, and the parents #s, someone should be able to check on the child. Especially the parents if they don't realize their child is by the pool.

Its also non invasive enough that people wont disarm the alarm because its just annoying.

The alarm can be turned off for like an hour at a time so when the child is swimming by the pool it wont repeatedly call or text the #s.

also to prevent so many people from getting calls every time. it can just call the first person, and if they don't answer then proceed to calling the other #s on the list.

But this should prevent some deaths, and many parents are worried about having pools with small children. so this should eliminate a lot of the fear that their child would wonder out to the pool and drown.

ghostlandseller, Jul 08 2008

V1 http://www.thecyber...ducts/parentpagers/
[jhomrighaus, Jul 08 2008]

Pool Alarm http://www.poolguard.com/
there it is. [Cedar Park, Jul 08 2008]


       Mount the alarm on the parents. When the child wanders unnoticed, the parents should get a shock like a dog collar.
Amos Kito, Jul 08 2008

       The problem with your proposed system as with most such systems is that it requires active involvement to be safe(ie you must attach the monitor to the child to make it work) This means that protection is not constant at all times. For pools the best defense is a locked gate and fence, an in pool alarm or a stiff cover.
jhomrighaus, Jul 08 2008

       No need for the tag/attachment. These are only used with the dog fence because you only want it to affect specific targets. A capacitative proximity system, any of various alarm type motion detectors, or even a a series of pressure plates around the pool could do the trick.
MechE, Jul 08 2008

       and pad all of the sharp edges too.
WcW, Jul 08 2008

       There are pool alarms that don't require the kid to wear anything.
Cedar Park, Jul 08 2008


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