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Underground Network of Robot Servants

A Secure network of tunnels for robots
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These tunnels don't have to be very deep underground, just difficult to access for people. It doesn't have to be big, either, because the tunnel is exclusively for robots. Robots in the network will transport everything from mail to groceries across cities for their human masters. Smart wireless communication and coordination amongst robots will reduce wait times at intersections. Shopping &c will be managed through remote video conferencing via the equipments onboard the robots. Fuel is not wasted in transporting human beings along with the vehicle from point A to point B and back for these menial tasks. Nor will excessive lighting be necessary - an optical sensor (a la modern PC mice) at the bottom of these robots will satisfy most of their viewing needs during transportation.
rhatta, Dec 14 2003

Chicago Feight Tunnels http://www.ameritec...tunnel/tunnel1.html
Like this, but with robots instead of the Irish. [Laughs Last, Oct 17 2004]

Those underground robot networks can *really* get out of hand... http://www.scifi.com/battlestar/
[DrCurry, Oct 17 2004]

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       Don't we...have to have the robots first?
Overpanic, Dec 14 2003

       Details, details.
krelnik, Dec 14 2003

       Makes me wonder about future robot assassination attempts.   

       Difficult for people to access these tunnels, yet easy for robots to access us, though these tunnels? hmph...   

       Anyways, I like this idea alot. Fits well for us ultra-lazy folks.
v0rtexx, Dec 15 2003

       The low tech solution to having your goods without clogging up cities is subsistance farming.
Fishrat, Dec 15 2003

       sloop: the network or the extermination...?
DrCurry, Dec 15 2003

       I think he meant the tails.
Overpanic, Dec 15 2003


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