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Underneath Mobile Home Parking

Specially Designed Car to Park Beneath a Mobile Home
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If you can design a car that is short enough to fit inside the diameter of truck tire, it will also fit under a mobile home. A carefully designed platform bed just over the parked car could add another ten inches of space.

Since many mobile home owners have one more car than they have spaces to park, being able to slide a car under the home would be welcome.

Since the driver is unlikely to be able to leave the car easily once it is parked, a mechanism to insert and eject the car is likely required.

Such a car would likely be some sort of convertible where all windows and roof retract.

Half a dozen of these cars in a mobile home park would free up enough space to make all squeezing, shifting, and towing now done a thing of the past.

( And of course you can always install the mobile home at such a height that any normal car can drive under, but the steps get taller and falling off the porch leaves you more seriously injured. )

popbottle, Nov 12 2014

home on stilts https://www.youtube...watch?v=dPIc8La9v4c
or you can park the boat underneath. [popbottle, Nov 12 2014]


       Could one end of the mobile home have the floor raised without raising the ceiling, like a sleeping loft or something. If the roof of the garage is 5 feet tall, that will fit an average sedan. For someone taller than 5 feet who doesn't want to duck to get out, they can simply park by the edge of the house so they are no longer under the house when they step out the door of the car.
scad mientist, Nov 13 2014

       ...and then the front seats of the car become a comfortable sofa inside the mobile home
hippo, Nov 13 2014


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