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Unified Transfer Protocol

A unified way to send data over any medium
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For every type of wire, we will find a way to send a simple bitstream. This is baked on most wires, but i want it standardized on ALL wires. That includes a unified powerline networking protocol, and even monitor wires.

Then, we could obviously use converters between all kinds of wire.

ironfroggy, Jan 03 2003

USB X.10 http://smarthome.com/1132U.html
Yes, you can network with it. [Shz, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       TCP/IP/PPP. Now just convince everyone to adopt it.
egnor, Jan 03 2003

       X 10.....and what egnor said.
Shz, Jan 03 2003

       you are all being stupid. you dont understand my idea and therefor decide it must be stupid. dimwits.
ironfroggy, Jan 03 2003

       Please let that anno of yours be a joke, [ironfroggy].
bristolz, Jan 03 2003

       course it is :)
po, Jan 03 2003

       im just tired of all the different incompatible wire types. this is more of a set of universal adapters to-from every kind of wire made. for transfering data. but, some wires arent made for general data transfer and thus new techniques need to be defined for the converters for those.
ironfroggy, Jan 03 2003

       i tihnk my idea is just badly named.... this isnt really a creation of new protocols or anything. its just a better use of existing technologies. I'm talking abuot being able to plug my USB device into the AC power network in one room so it can communicate with the hub on the other side of the house.
ironfroggy, Jan 04 2003

       Then rename it and change the description. If you're talking about making a lot of X-to-(universal) and (universal)-to-X converters (where "universal" is hopefully something like "IP over Ethernet") so you can do FireWire over carrier pigeon, then that's a reasonable idea (though Baked for many values of X), but you should say so.
egnor, Jan 04 2003

       Pardon my “why can’t you” network geek approach to this... <link> Anything can communicate with anything else over any physical medium. Cross-medium standards? That’s why ISO layers 3 and 4 are there. I love the idea, but it's not new.
Shz, Jan 05 2003

       so what should i renamed this idea to? and how could i best describe this?
ironfroggy, Jan 06 2003


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