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No not 'those' balls. Get your mind outta the gutter.
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Unpredictaballs are a range of novelty toys to be swapped out for the real McCoys when nobody is looking.

These fake balls house a fast light-weight motorized shuttle which gains its power from movement so that batteries are not needed.
This shuttle is rigged to switch off after a given amount of time and to switch on with any sudden movement.
Hillarity ensues.

Basketball free-throws become impossibly funny.
A soccer-ball erratically weaving its way through an entire team is good for a laugh.
A baseball that just can't be hit... or caught has to be worth at least a chuckle.

The look on spectators' faces... priceless.

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       A a hollow center containing couple of small, flexible bladders filled with mercury might produce much the same hilarity, no motor required. We have a hard plastic dog toy built along these lines, only the bladders are filled with water to avoid poisoning the dogs. The ball jinks back and forth as the bladders flop around inside, but the effect would be even better if a heavier liquid could be used.   

       I'll try to provide a link, but I don't know what the thing is called; years of boisterous pit bull games have worn away the graphics (along with the first 1/4" or so of the plastic shell).
Alterother, Feb 12 2012

       Baked. My grandmother had a pool table upstairs with a full rack of balls, and two cue balls. One was a regular pool ball, one would um... do interesting things. And yeah, I've seen those dog toys. They don't last long around my dogs though.
Psalm_97, Feb 12 2012

       The first one we got was rubber, and short-lived. The current one is hard acrylic and has lasted about two years, but only because it's not their favorite toy.   

       Our dogs test all of the toys and other products we sell. When people ask about an item's durability, we tell them how long it took two pit bulls to destroy it. It's a remarkably effective sales tactic.   

       There are only two toys we sell that they've been unable to demolish: one is a bouncy-ball made for horses, and the other is a field hockey ball that we reccomend to other pit bull owners.
Alterother, Feb 12 2012

       Heh. My grandmother had a boxer who destroyed balls. She got him a rather large, hard plastic ball. Finally had to get rid of it because he was playing with it so much it was wearing down his teeth.
Psalm_97, Feb 12 2012


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