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Unwanted conversation terminator

Button that activates fake battery empty signals
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We all know the tricks. "Oh, I'm just riding into a tunnel.", "The reception is g-tt--ng v-r- b--. I'll -av- to call you b---." (takes some practicing), or wrapping the phone in a paper bag to simulate static...

Better solution: a button on the side of the phone, activated with a flick of the thumb, initiates a fake battery empty signal routine, that is clearly audible. The signal increases in intensity, and the conversation is automatically terminated after a short time. No hassle, very convincing result.

The good thing is that this feature does not require any preparation beforehand and is it credible under all circumstances and it can be activated at any time.

Ehrm, Sep 24 2005

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Clicking this link will make Google some money. I almost added Microsoft paid link too, 'cause I thought that that'd be fun... Forcing MS to pay its sworn enemy, Google >} But I didn't. [Dub, Sep 24 2005]


       Your secretary lets unwanted calls through? Sack him.
ConsulFlaminicus, Sep 24 2005

       Crisp packet and thumb over the mic, ultimately, the off button?... Would a personal Fraday cage work? Or you could do what I do, which is Only turn it on when you're not at home, and even then leave it in another room.
Dub, Sep 24 2005


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