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Up All Night zone

Zone an area of the city for all-night activity
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Similar to the excellent Nightshift Towers, I've always thought there should be a zoned district of the city where all the 24-hour diners and WalMarts and bars could be centralized. Such an all-night zone would be able to expand and attract new businesses, unlike NIghtshift Towers, and without residences, would be free to operate during the day too.

Concentrating all the late night activity into one area would also make it easier for the police to monitor activity and provide protection.

schnitzi, Sep 13 2002

(?) Nightshift Towers http://www.halfbake...Nightshift_20Towers
Live 8-6 [reensure, Sep 13 2002]

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       move up, bliss. room for another one?
po, Sep 13 2002

       Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Brackforn2, Sep 13 2002

       I like this idea --
if cities would
there'd be light
in abundance
and no trouble
reensure, Sep 13 2002

       I am croissanting this because I would love it. And Nightshift Towers as well. A lot of people work the overnight shift, and certainly not all of them are drug dealers or scumbags or sleazebags of some sort- a zone like this could legitimize the small number of people who gotta work all night. Plus, who hasn't ever wanted to eat at a strange hour, but couldn't find a place to go or felt that everywhere that was open was unsafe or weird in some way?   

       This and the Towers idea are very similar, but this is indeed a much more general idea for 24-hour places. Maybe 24-hour strip malls. Perhaps people don't necessarily want to live in a full-out community for lateshifters.
polartomato, Sep 13 2002

       Taylor Square, Sydney..Yek ! and Yek ! again.
skinflaps, Sep 16 2002

       You'd still have to get to and from the district at all hours of the night, which might not be such fun.
pottedstu, Sep 16 2002

       True, Pottedstu. And what better than dropping down to your local at 3am if you like? Where I live it's hot right now, so many just go to the beach at night, bringing their dinner and drinks with them (families,etc). Also, students tend to pack their boot/trunk with booze and drive out to a cool area where they won't disturb anyone - whole convoys having a party.
git, Jun 27 2003

       The trouble with this is that the whole idea of 24-hour stores is convenience, and having to get across the city to The Zone at 3 AM isn't very convenient.
gisho, Aug 05 2005


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