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Show who the pool pee-ers are
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If we added a chemical to public swimming pools that reacted to high levels of ammonia (i.e. urine), say by changing color, we could spot the clandestine pee-ers and take corrective action.
Dog, Oct 13 2005

Why this hasn't been done yet. http://www.snopes.c...cience/poolpiss.htm
[wagster, Oct 13 2005]


       Great. Advice on blaming urinators from a Dog. :)
Cedar Park, Oct 13 2005

       //we could spot the clandestine pee-ers and take corrective action.//   

       and that being what?
skinflaps, Oct 13 2005

       Point and laugh?
hidden truths, Oct 13 2005

       Two sharp whips to the arse with a wet towel?
skinflaps, Oct 13 2005

       Lifeguard: I'm sorry, we've had to eject your soon from the pool for peeing.
Concerned mother: But lots of boys pee in the pool
Lifeguard: Maybe, madam, but not from the 5 metre springboard.
coprocephalous, Oct 13 2005

       I have been unreliably informed on many occasions that this exists already and is widely used. Thought I'd see if there was any fire under the smoke but Snopes says there isn't, and furthermore this has been looked into and deemed not possible. If you want to know why, check the link.
wagster, Oct 13 2005

       Urine-Me, Urine -Me-Not, Urine-me, Urine-Me-Not...   

       Sounds like a hooker counting sheep.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 13 2005

       Hm... [wags] I wasn't aware that this was an urban legend. Must be due to my dubious geographical location.   

       NEways... does it matter if it's based on color, or maybe a soluble compound that solidifies upon contact with said organic compounds (so the perpretrator instead gets a case of the 'rocks' on the crotch of his/her swimming costume, thereby removing the purple pool theory) - the idea is the same.   

       Distressed mother: I know it looks weird dear, but don't keep picking at it.
Dog, Oct 17 2005

       A fart detector for lifts would be more beneficial. Not to point the finger, more to act as a deterrent.   

       Having said that, a large comedy finger coming out of the ceiling and revealing the culprit might be a hoot.
Jacob Marley, Oct 17 2005

       This has been fully baked by a company in Israel. Whoever pissed in the pool would find a purple circle around him. Unfortunately, once the kids saw this happen they peed in the pool on purpose just to witness the cool effect.
thebigo195, Oct 18 2005


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