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Valet driving

Keep 'em moving ...
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Cities have the problem of having limited parking space. What space there is is often very expensive.

So why park at all ?

Perhaps you want to spend half an hour or so in a particular shop. Simply phone ahead on your mobile and book a Valet Driver. When you pull up at the kerb, the uniformed and highly identifiable driver will be waiting; they get in the car and spend the next 30 minutes driving very slowly and carefully around the local area, until summoned back by another phone call. They then return your car, you get in and drive away. You're billed by the minute for the service; it can hardly be more expensive than some city centre car parks.

8th of 7, May 17 2011


       So the streets would become even more like car parks than they are already?
hippo, May 17 2011

       how do you know they aren't doing this already? Ever mark your odometer before handing over the keys? I don't.
dentworth, May 17 2011

       [+] though of course I immediately thought "Japan".
FlyingToaster, May 17 2011

       What we need is automatically piloted cars, that circle the block until Madam has selected a suitable fur coat for next weekend's polo match then swoops to the kerb to whisk her away to her country seat.
infidel, May 17 2011

       before PETA can throw a pint of blood on her! Yes, its another good justification for valet driving.
dentworth, May 18 2011

       its called a boyfriend.
po, May 19 2011

       The one who applies the sun cream?
tatterdemalion, May 19 2011


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