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Vaporator airflow smoother

A little faster.
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Air resistance is a big problem for people trying to set land speed records. Aerosol particles curb turbulence, and linked is [Vernon]'s cryptically titled idea which deals with this principle.

I propose that vapor emitters at the front of very fast vehicles could cut air resistance by minimizing turbulence. In circumstances where air friction is the limiting factor this could allow speed improvements. Plain water could be used, or a water/alcohol mix.

bungston, Oct 21 2005

Wind Amplification by Stimulated Condensation of Water Vapor W_2eA_2eS_2eC_2eW_2eV_2e
A grander application of the same prinicple. See links at bottom. [bungston, Oct 21 2005]

Droplets decrease turbulence http://www.pnas.org...stract/102/32/11148
Vernons idea seems to posit that it is the energy of condensation that powers these storms. Perhaps I was reading too much into it. It may be that this droplets reducing turbulence thing is a relatively new think. [bungston, Oct 21 2005]

Negative glider Negative_20glider
Gravity is not enough! [bungston, Oct 21 2005]


       Vapor condenses at a wave front. Would heat transfer of condensation cause air expansion and increased heat of resistance?
reensure, Oct 21 2005

       I thought that vapor condenses at a wave front because it was transitioning from an area of lower to higher pressure. If the vaporator released its vapor into the high pressure area at the front of the vehicle, there would be no transition.   

       Also I believe that vapor (eg water in gas phase) is not really the correct term for this - I think the principal effector is tiny airborne droplets of water in liquid phase. I might be wrong about that.
bungston, Oct 21 2005

       It occurs to me that if this principle works, it could be applied to speed the fall of the "negative glider" proposed by [Basepair] (linked).
bungston, Oct 21 2005

       I'm thinking that using a different atmosphere to travel through would be cheating. Otherwise, you might as well just put the vehicle in a very long vacuum tube.
DrCurry, Oct 21 2005

       [Curry] - if you mean the glider, let us move our discussion there. I have another new idea for that glider, too.
bungston, Oct 21 2005


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