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Ventriloquist Tourettes Kit

No more embarassing public outbursts.
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This kit comes with instructional manual and mannequin. Manual shows how to practise art of ventriloquism and once mastered can be used to give appearance that vocal tics are coming from carefully placed dummy at other side of the room.

Process can be expanded to deflect blame for chronic flatulence.

Derektum, Jan 22 2008


       Please learn a second joke.
jutta, Jan 22 2008

       There was a first one ? Did we miss something ?
8th of 7, Jan 22 2008

       Sp: Tourette syndrome, or Tourette's syndrome.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2008

       Derek of 2 days - we don't do tired jokes...
po, Jan 22 2008

       <psst> Po...are you sure?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2008

       only mine and yours at a ppppppush...   

       for feck sake its po...ppppppo
po, Jan 22 2008

       We are sure there should be some apostrophe's and some plural "s"'s in that previous annotation ....
8th of 7, Jan 22 2008

       pppppush off. ;)
po, Jan 22 2008

       Po, I know it's you! It's OK - everything's fine.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2008

       but it's a little pppp; its the little p in important to me.
po, Jan 22 2008

       Po, I'm sure it is. I used a little "p", but it was at the start of a sentence. Even if I start a sentence with a perfectly quiet little word like "even", it needs capitalization - but it's a lowercase capital rather than an uppercase capital. If I ever write 'Po' in the middle of a sentence, I'll remember to use a little P.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2008

       its po wherever it comes in the sentence believe me.
po, Jan 22 2008

       but then I'd have to eschew the use of capitals at the start of sentences!   

       I have a solution. When quoting part of a sentence that didn't originally have a capital letter, it's customary to insert it parenthetically, like this:   

       "[I]t's po wherever it comes in the sentence", commented a sPokesperson.   

       So, you can be [P]o when you happen at the beginning of a sentence, then it's clear. Of course, if you'd have the sense to avoid turning up at the start of my sentences, this dilemma would not arise.   

       [P]o, how does that grab you?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2008


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