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Voice Activated Lighter

Cigarette lighter with voice command!
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The latest height of convenience! Using new speaker-independent voice recognition technology, you just speak the command "Light" and the lighter pops out a flame. No more difficult thumbwheels.
Krate, Feb 07 2002


       "LET THERE BE LIGHT!"   

       But. Voice-activated lighter in trouser pocket, someone mentions the opposite of heavy, and WOOF! your wedding tackle's up in flames.
pottedstu, Feb 07 2002

       Robert Plant walks into a room with his voice activated lighter in his pants and someone puts on "In The Light" (Physical Graffiti album)
thumbwax, Feb 07 2002

       I've never come across a lighter with a thumbwheel that was "difficult".
tanimac, Feb 08 2002

       Great for crack smokers.
snarfyguy, Feb 08 2002

       tanimac: I have encountered lighters with "difficult" thumbwheels; deliberately designed that way so as to be "child-resistant". The only lighter on which I ever burned my finger [not badly, fortunately] was one of those blasted things that I had to hold awkwardly to operate. Still no croissant for this one, though, since the likelihood of unintended deployment would be too great.
supercat, Feb 08 2002

       Perhaps this is just a thinly-veiled attempt to rid the world of smokers. A-ha! I have discovered your nefarious plan, Krate, and I am here to put a stop to it. Hey, wait a minute. I don't smoke. I don't like smoke. I can't stand those stinky, smelly smokers.   

       Uh, yeah! Right on! Great idea! Woo-hoo and all that stuff.
Canuck, Feb 10 2002

       <scenario>All the smokers in the southern bapist church have set their lighters to go off at the words of "Let there be light!" They come in ine Sunday morning for the sermon. The preacher starts zealosly on Genesis.</scenario> <headline> Church fire kills ten leaves rest praising the Lord </headline>
salmon, Feb 11 2002

       I think it's a real good idea. But sometimes it's difficult to speak with a cigarette/cigar in your mouth (or with a tracheotomy). So it would be a nice feature to add a button that would play a recording of someone saying "Light" when you pressed it.
prune, Feb 11 2002

       An arabic friend of mine said that he once had a lighter where all you had to do was break an infrared beam.
Amishman35, Apr 23 2002

       thought he was going to say break - wind
po, Apr 23 2002

       And even if you fit it with voice recognition so it only goes of at your command: "..and a Coke Light...AAAARGGGH!"
Saruman, Jun 17 2002

       How lazy do you have to be where you won't even take the time to move your thumb a bit to light your cigarrete?
MikeOxbig, Dec 15 2005

       i agree with mike...were getting wayyyy to lazy. we just gonna get fatter you know. if not a lighter what else is gonna work our thumbs out?
ShadowFire666, Dec 15 2005

       Right, thumb obesity is one of the top ten killers in America.
MikeOxbig, Dec 16 2005

       Gosh, I hit every single 'light' on the way to work today. YEEEEOOOOOOWWWWW!!
quantum_flux, Nov 14 2007


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