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Waveform Grill Tray

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One of the most fiddly and annoying jobs in the world of kitchenry is cleaning the grill tray, particularly trying to get the intersections between the struts of yer tray free from cooked-black fat deposits. If, however, there were no such intersections, the cleaning process would not involve such unpleasantness, simply sweeping the cloth/sponge across the smooth metal should be enough to dislodge matter. Hence, yes, hence, the waveform grill tray: a single, if lengthy, bit of metal bent into a frequency suitable for balancing snorkers etc. on, which can be cleaned without jarring of fingers, over which, post cooking, your cleaning implement of choice can slide both speedily and efficaciously.
calum, Jul 03 2008

An old fashioned grill tray, yesterday http://www.cookabil...rill-tray/b_440.htm
note intersection points along short ends of rectangle form [calum, Jul 03 2008]


       Of course, the question of rigidity is key. If there are any budding (or budded) metallurgists in the hizzouse, please feel free to expound.
calum, Jul 03 2008

       Use caustic! Lower gently into a large tub of caustic soda... leave to soak overnight. Remove and rinse. Dire Warnings - Caustic soda is evil. - Wear rubber gloves. Do not splash around. When complete do not use left over solution to water plants.   

       I'm also certain that a square wave form structure can be made rigid enough to dispense with those pesky welds. +
xenzag, Jul 03 2008

       //When complete do not use left over solution to water plants.//
Unless you first neutralise it with sulphuric acid drain cleaner.
coprocephalous, Jul 03 2008

       ... and grow plants which enjoy a strong solution of Sodium Sulphate .............
8th of 7, Jul 03 2008


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