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We explode your toner and its 6 times as ecoriffic!

2020 laser printer toner is spheres, but think of an origami paper cube. Unfold it and it has 6 times the surface area of the top view; laser printerize little dodecahedrons on paper then pop them with a laser and they spread out much wider (but thinner). At the cube laser directed toner explosion would make a full toner cartridge able to print approximately 6 times the surface area of normal toner
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So toner cartridges are environmentally sad, and it is nice people recycle them. What if they lasted 6 times longer and used 1/6th the toner to print good looking pages?

If you think of little toner blobs, little spheres, welded to a piece of paper, they are hollow.

Consider if they were origami paper cubes for a moment. If you could "pop" them they would turn into 6 squares of covered area laying flat. Cunning software could know where to put each actual cube of toner to tessellate a latttice of -+, so full ink coverage would be possible.

So: sharged drum coats actual paper with sparser toner image. Fusor fuses toner to paper. New: HIgh intensity laser raster scans and explodes toner cubies/dodecahedrons/ triangle shaped puff pastries. This fills in the spaces between the toner particles in a predictable way and you have achieved laser printing.

It would be nice to think of something better but exploded pyramids tessellate gaplessly.

Maybe its less geometric than I think, If you can stuff a wadded parachute with core of exploding (vapor expanding) water, mineral, or sugar (side effects may include breathing water or glucose) and make it into a big dot it can have any edge shapes you can make.

This all only works because we are taking a 3d sphericity and popping it into more surface coverage. There is the belief that half a toner particle is still opaque.

I do not know the numbers, but if you use the origami paper cube as the tessellation multiplier you should be able to cover 6 times as much surface with the same amount of toner so the toner cartridges last 6 times longer.

Making a toner particle that wants to explode like a pressurized paintball is likely fairly simple. If the lasers are good all they have to do is make eentsy water filled paintballs (toner particles), and of course they have the option of making pressurized gas filled paintballs instead. (forge the toner in concentrated CO2, just like making poprocks).

Unusual things suggest themselves like minerals with a lot of waters of hydration Mg5(CO3)4(OH)2·4H2O. (hydromagnesite) [link] Magnesium is a nutrient, and the rest is edible. Wikipedia says it completely breaks down at 350 C. So apres laser that's a big poof of gas in a tiny core for a tiny toner particle.

beanangel, Dec 25 2020


       With a certain amount of handwaving, it is possible to believe in magic.
normzone, Dec 25 2020

       exploding tetrahedrons would work, so I changed the wording
beanangel, Dec 25 2020

       This proves it. There's a halfbaker who knows something about any obscurity that can be thought of. I never would have given a moment's thought to toner and it's physics.
RayfordSteele, Dec 26 2020

       The broadness of your idea-spectrum is quite impressive [beanangel].
Time does not allow for keeping up to the research needed to understand.

       Where do you find the time to delve so widely?   

       ^nice(heavily soft!),   

       As to the idea, better yet, if we are going far fetched, is to get the toner to unfold as the geometry of a box fold . This would give an asymmetrical long section which could be oriented, for the right type of ink stroke needed for characters or grain of pictures.
wjt, Dec 27 2020


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