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Website Graveyard

Because links break
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Worried about your website's legacy? Long after your site has failed, the backups wiped, and data center burned to the ground your data is kept safe using our new and long-lasting services.

Foreverquote: Your original URL and a quick summary of what used to exist at that site is carved into a granite slab located at a physical address. This data will also exist on our webservers for at least 20 years (bonded and insured).

Longsite: Your website is rendered onto stainless steel plates, mounted to your Foreverquote site inside a weatherproof stone enclosure.

Before your website does fail, please redirect links to your physical address or GPS coordinates and plot number.

Worldgineer, Mar 22 2021

PermaURL PermaURL
I decided this idea could go a step further. [Worldgineer, Mar 22 2021]

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       Please send me your price list [+]
pocmloc, Mar 22 2021

       + * data center burned to the ground* haha
xandram, Mar 23 2021

       There's a lot of stuff still out there you can't reach any more no matter how you look that can still be reached if you have the address string.   

       I've some printed pages of stuff from the early 2000's with the full address in them including some for some old Yahoo groups I used to belong to, can't seem to find the groups any more but if I type in the full address string the conversation text & threads are still there somewhere, they don't come out displayed as they were but the words are still there hiding in the detritus of the old servers.
Skewed, Mar 23 2021


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