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Welsh Tape

"Make no promises to me/ you're slowly melting/ wake up then fall back asleep/ you're quickly fading..."
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"Mom, where's the tape?" he asked. "I want to hang up my new Puddle Of Mudd poster on the wall."

She appeared in the doorway with the dispenser in her hand. Handing it to him, she looked down at the poster disapprovingly. After a few moments she walks away.

Little Johnny holds the poster against the wall and sticks generous lengths of tape at the corners. He steps back and gazes at his heroes proudly.

Precisely twenty minutes later the poster is crumpled at the floor. Johnny hangs the poster again, this time using more tape. The poster promptly falls down again in another twenty minutes.

What went wrong? The tape was so sticky, so durable. It seemed sure to do the trick. Just when everything seemed fine, all evidence of mucilage vanished from the tape without a trace. What was the explanation? Maybe the poster just wasn't meant for the wall?

It was Welsh Tape.

nihilo, Jun 22 2006

Racist Tape? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scotch_tape
Bring back Scotty! [nihilo, Jun 22 2006]

to welsh http://dictionary.r...ce.com/browse/welsh
It DOES say "informal", does NOT say "offensive". Origin unknown. [nihilo, Jun 22 2006]

Used by WHOM?! http://i5.tinypic.com/157hv2s.jpg
This CAN'T be a coincidence... [nihilo, Jun 22 2006]

Curiouser and stranger. http://www.answers.com/topic/wales
I'm no philistine. [nihilo, Jun 22 2006]

Winning the marathon but losing the race. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race
[nihilo, Jun 22 2006]

the Welsh of nations http://www.bbc.co.u...nationality01.shtml
[nihilo, Jun 22 2006]

De fine nationality. From de dictionary http://dictionary.r.../browse/nationality
[nihilo, Jun 22 2006]


MoreCowbell, Jun 22 2006

       [m-f-d] racist shite.
egbert, Jun 22 2006

       You didn't say what Whelsh tape is.
BJS, Jun 22 2006

       Dear friends:
"Welsh tape" is no more racist than "Scotch tape". Being a pun, it is arguably *less* so.

       Admittedly, the origin of the 3M product name is a bit dodgy. But "welsh" is a verb in the dictionary.   

       If there is anything objectionable about the idea, it is clearly the mention of Puddle Of Mudd. For this, gentle readers-- my sincerest apologies.
nihilo, Jun 22 2006

       That's a little more literal when I was intending metaphor, [rc] -- but funny, still.
nihilo, Jun 22 2006

       Incidentally, Scotch is only a drink to non-Scots. Scots know it as either 'whisky', or 'breakfast.'
calum, Jun 22 2006

       //weird black hats// for distracting sheep...
Ling, Jun 22 2006

       //Welsh aren't known for a lot other than their weird black hats.//singing, language, coal, beautiful scenery, long placenames, rarebit, seaweed, mountains, slate, accent, Lloyd George, Aberfan...
po, Jun 22 2006

       I did not coin the term "welsh".
I did not name Scotch tape for the Scots.
I only suggested a product that resembles Scotch tape, but welshes. For pun and profit.

       And if all of this weren't perfectly clear enough, let the aggrieved note that THE OED DOES NOT RECOGNIZE ANY CONNECTION between the Welsh people and the verb "to welsh". Besides which: "Welsh" is not a "race" unless pizza is a food group. Welsh is a NATIONALITY.
nihilo, Jun 22 2006

       of course Pizza is a food group!
po, Jun 22 2006

       Syniad am rhybeth sy'n ddim yn gweithio'n iawn ?   

       Dim 'bun' am hwn.....   

monojohnny, Jun 22 2006

       It's a pepperoni.
skinflaps, Jun 22 2006

       In most people's minds the word is associated with the old and inaccurate idea that the Welsh are untrustworthy and deceitful thieves.   

       Whatever it's origins, it IS offensive. Try using the verb in a Swansea bookie's and all doubt will disappear.   

       Nihilo, if no offense was meant, pick another adjective with the same meaning. Backing Out Tape? Renege-on-a-roll? How about Scotty Tape ("I canna keep this up, Cap'n")?
egbert, Jun 22 2006

       Dutch courage. French letters. Chinese Whispers. Spanish Fly. Scotch Mist.....   

       I think this 'Welsh Tape' 'idea' is a reasonably unfunny pun; not particularly offensive like; just a rubbish idea.
monojohnny, Jun 22 2006

       yeah, almost what everybody said. It' a Non-funny pun, son.
xandram, Jun 22 2006

       First musing of this ideas title. I thought that someone had found a Tom Jones bootleg.
skinflaps, Jun 22 2006

       I think Jocks and Wiccans everywhere will take umbrage at finding their good names sullied here; worse still, to be known as one who won't work.
reensure, Jun 22 2006

       I've lived in Wales most of my life, and I still don't know what black hats everyone is talking about...Although burberry is getting pretty prolific here.   

       Mae Welsh Tape yn sbwriel.
fridge duck, Jun 22 2006

       Welsh tape would only be used by prostitutes or rugby players.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 22 2006

       //Welsh tape would only be used by prostitutes or rugby players.//   

       "Hey! My wife is Welsh."   

       "Really? What team does she play for?"   

       The tape pun isn't very funny, either.
baconbrain, Jun 22 2006

       Who said the name was funny? I said it was punny. There is no known connection between the verb and the people. Getting upset about it doesn't create a connection.   

       While the word origins are uncertain, interestingly the adjective "welsh" goes back *at least* 1000 years to the Anglo-Saxon root wælisc, and literally meant "foriegner" or "stranger". You barbarians.   

       It's a joke product. Exactly like disappearing ink, but in the transparent adhesives arena.   

       No need to be niggardly.
nihilo, Jun 22 2006


       Irish Tape? Manx Tape? Manly Tape? Nothing else really worked. Far be it from me to single out any specific group for disgruntling.
nihilo, Jun 22 2006

       [Marked-for-deletion] Pun. It's clearly an unsuccessful joke [egbert], I can't really see what the fuss is about.   

       I second [fridge duck]'s confusion over black hats, and laugh at [calum]'s annotation more than any other in quite a long time.   

       To [nihilo], with regard to \\Besides which: "Welsh" is not a "race" unless pizza is a food group. Welsh is a NATIONALITY\\. To be recognised as a race requires simply that there is a shared cultural heritage, which the Welsh arguably have. And Welsh isn't a NATIONALITY. Lacking our own Parliament/Government, we are merely a principality of England.
hidden truths, Jun 22 2006

       Contemporary evolutionary biologists do NOT, in general, recognize race as a scientific concept. Generally they DO recognize pizza as an important part of a complete breakfast. With whisky.   

       Nationality, n.:
1. The status of belonging to a particular nation by origin, birth, or naturalization.
2. A people having common origins or traditions and often constituting a nation.

       The name is a pun. The idea could be a legitimate joke or trick product. Some people like to be tricked.
nihilo, Jun 22 2006

       Well, colour me over-sensitive. I still think Scotty Tape would have made a better pun.
egbert, Jun 23 2006

       you'd have dog lovers up in arms then.
po, Jun 23 2006

       Tape me up Scotchy.
Wrap four Mr. shoeglue.

       Well, then 'Trick Tape' would have been a good name for this. Ooops, then all magicians, acrobats and hookers will be mad.
xandram, Jun 23 2006

       Slogan: "Nobody else's tapes like Welches"
MoreCowbell, Jun 23 2006


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