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Wiki Google Stalker

Omigod! Nick Lachey's at the Space Needle!
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Users who spot celeberities or other persons of interest (POIs) enter their location on the website. Then anyone can look at the Wiki Google Stalker world satellite photo map and see the most recent locations of anyone they are tracking/stalking.

The marker for each person will be color coded according to the age of the information: bright red for a recent sighting, dull gray for one that's a month old. Users can filter by category (i.e. exclude all traffic connected with the Britney Spears public train wreck in progress) or simply track favorites.

Users can add entries for new persons of interest and anyone can report a sighting. Just like Wikipedia there will be spurious entries: expect multiple Elvis sightings, and lackeys of the big tabloid stars to post fake locations to throw off the paparazzi - but overall, just like Wikipedia, it will have some usefulness.

strange606, Jul 01 2006

(?) Gawker Stalker http://www.gawker.com/stalker/
New York version. With a map. [jutta, Jul 01 2006]


       Are you sure this isn't inspired by the news, about two months ago, of George Clooney encouraging people to post false sightings on just such a site, "Gawker Stalker"?   

       If you think celebrities are important, and important people should be hounded, I think this would be a good site - but I disagree with both premises. (Abstaining.)
jutta, Jul 01 2006

       Different from Gawker Stalker (of which I was unaware) in that the locations would just be pointers on a Google Map - no text, just last known location.   

       I also agree that celeberities are unimportant, and that they should be allowed some semblance of a private life - so this is a dumb idea of mine I would not wish to see implemented!
strange606, Jul 01 2006

       who give's a shit where they go - bring out that bowl of dishwater so that I can stare at something interesting.
xenzag, Jul 01 2006


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