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Wireless wires

Wires with receiver/transmitters on each ends
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It's sometimes difficult to get a wire inside a computer to fit in properly due to lack of space and being completely inept. If instead of having to fit the wires in, each wire had a battery, a transmitter and a receiver at each end, and the sockets had the same, this wouldn't be necessary. In fact, maybe you could just keep all the wires in the desk drawer underneath it and not even bother to open the case.
nineteenthly, May 03 2014


       So Bluetooth?
DIYMatt, May 05 2014

       [+] the wires would be easier to organize as well, by function, or colour or length, in pleasing patterns.   

       The downside, small as it is, is that you'd need a charging plate as a desk or drawer mat, to keep the transceivers operating.
FlyingToaster, May 05 2014

       There'd be a potential problem with conflicting frequencies between different transmitter/receiver pairs.   

       What's needed is an audio system implementing the "Oi Derek!" protocol. Basically, each wire is fitted with a tiny speaker, a tiny microphone, and is given a name (for instance, Derek). Then, when a signal needs to be sent from one point to another, the speaker shouts "Oi, Derek, zero for you." The Derek wire will then handshake by replying "Got it Alan, cheers."   

       The Oi Derek protocol can be extended, by means of commands such as "Oi, Derek - John says he's got a zero for you from Wendy" and "Cheers Alan, tell John to tell Wendy I've got it.", etc.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 05 2014

       Personally, I prefer the inventor of the device that held and released the first atomic bomb, Zeppo Marx.   

       However, I contend that the Oi Derek protocol offers not only greater flexibility, but a more relaxed attitude to data propagation.   

       Incidentally, the modern dental drill was invented by Noel Coward.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 05 2014

       I'd heard that story, and the part about Mornington Crescent was just fascinating.
normzone, May 05 2014

       They could be RF paired at the factory like remote- controlled outlets are today.   

       However, the bandwidth & power limits would make the use case for these rather narrow. Actually, can a specific use case be provided?
sophocles, May 05 2014

       That question could be a default for any halfbaked idea.
normzone, May 05 2014

       That would just waste everyone's bandwidth.
pocmloc, May 06 2014

       [bigsleep], Mel Brooks had to pay for infringement of privacy for mentioning Hedy Lamarr.
pashute, May 07 2014


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