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Noise cancelling relaxation headphones.
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I was listening to a magazine radio article the other day. A doctor was being interviewed on the causes of stress. One of the causes he identified was a presence of high frequency noise. Low frequency sounds, as heard by a fetus, were, he stated, far more relaxing.

WombPhones would be a set of noise cancelling headphones that remove high freqency sound and attentuate loud low frquency sound to give you a quiet, relaxing environment in which to work, meditate, or just relax, without losing touch with the sounds around you.

For those that want to go the whole hog, a slow maternal heartbeat could be faded in, by twisting a knob on one of the 'phones.

st3f, Dec 23 2002

This is kinda close, 'cept for the heartbeat thing. http://www.elvex.com/DeTune.htm
Baked? You be the judge. [half, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Apparently, as a baby, my mum would leave the vacuum cleaner on in my room, and its sounds would send me to sleep every time.   

       Perhaps a womb room (and not just because it rhymes) would be easier (or at least cheaper) to make. With the right materials for the walls, I'm confident that you could tailor the acoustic properties of the room (not just for sounds leaking in from the outside, but for reflection of sounds inside too).
friendlyfire, Dec 23 2002

half, Dec 23 2002

       I would say baked, especially as they allow you to react to a changing cacophony. You get my flaky golden goodness for the name, the heartbeat and for making me think of chatting with embryos.
Ludwig, Dec 23 2002

       half: that's pretty damn close.
st3f, Dec 23 2002

       The title made me think of some sort of placental cell phone.
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 23 2002


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