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Zpitto™ Lighter

A lighter that can spit naptha
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A normal lighter with a trigger (much like a squirt gun) that would shoot naptha (Zippo lighter fluid) out of the front. You squirt as much as needed, and then easily light your fire. Works also as a regular lighter.
ghillie, Sep 26 2003

Chef's blowtorch http://www.thecooki...2ECC7C?OpenDocument
15 cm tall, very handy little thing to have when camping. [sufc, Oct 05 2004]

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sufc, Sep 26 2003

       Aren't they bulky? This kind would fit in your pocket.
ghillie, Sep 26 2003

       No, I think an airtight alibi is an arsonists best friend, all things considered.
bristolz, Sep 26 2003

       Is naptha a liquid?
ghillie, Sep 26 2003

       [Mr Burns]' link shows the naptha in a metal can. Would it melt plastic, like gasoline? I was thinking that the lighter would be mostly plastic.
ghillie, Sep 27 2003

       Naptha will not melt plastic. But keep in mind this is a flamethrower, not a blowtorch. The nozzle should be metal insulated from the plastic - (that’s assuming it’s possible to fire more than one brief shot from a pocket-sized version).
Shz, Sep 27 2003

       *sufc* I like your link. I actually have that exact blowtorch and use it for everything. Camping, BBQs, soldering pipes/wires etc... Everybody needs a Chef's Blowtorch!
namuh, Sep 28 2003

       (namuh) Same here, Silver work, starting fires, lighting cigars, paint stripping. Well worth the price.
sufc, Sep 28 2003

       [Shz]: Ooooooh, a flamethrower. I didn't think of it like that!
ghillie, Oct 01 2003

       I do. If it forcefully dispenses flammable liquid it’s a flamethrower (um, if you’re a pyro). No flames for that though. Miniaturization is OK by me.
Shz, Oct 01 2003

       I've seen a guy convert a butane lighter into a flame thrower. Afterwards, he was known as "that guy with no eyebrows".
Amos Kito, Oct 02 2003


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