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"I Love You" Voice-records

Records all the times you say it
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This is an innocuous device you wear like a necklace (and looks like a necklace) that stays dormant except when someone nearby says "I love you", which it records. You can customise it to record exclusively your own voice or someone else's.

You can then play back the tape of all the times you said "I love you" and give that tape to your lover/spouse as a gift.

Might this in some way bring satisfaction to those who simply can't live through a day without hearing these words?

And if your lover/spouse complains that you never say this to him/her, here's your proof.

baboo, Apr 10 2002


       Will it record every time you say "I love you too"? If so it might cause problems for those of us who enjoy listening to Irish Rock bands.
stupop, Apr 10 2002

       This would make me want to smack my Abuse Doll up.
phoenix, Apr 10 2002

       Would it filter out "Olive Juice"?
dag, Apr 10 2002

       ...or "Elephant shoes"?
mcscotland, Apr 10 2002

       Isle of View.   

       I would imagine quite a few "I love asparagus" would creep through as well. It's got to record everything that starts with "I love..." doesn't it? And go back and erase that which turned out not to be an "I love you"... so it might miss a few.
waugsqueke, Apr 10 2002


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