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"You'll Put An Eye Out!" The Game

Goggles with velcro catch strips that velcro balls stick to when thrown at them.
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The players all have velcro balls that they throw at the other player's eyes. If they hit their mark, they stick to the grid of velcro catch strips on the front of the goggles. Once enough balls have hit these goggles and stuck, the player can't see anymore and he looses.

The winner is the last player that didn't have his eyes "put out".

This would be the world's first game where kids throw things at the faces of other kids with the goal of blinding them.

doctorremulac3, May 10 2022

Upgrade? https://www.google....=1920&bih=947&dpr=1
Foam balls, add a Velcro loop outer layer [neutrinos_shadow, May 10 2022]


       //This would be the world's first game where kids throw things at the faces of other kids with the goal of blinding them// Not true. Kids have been playing those games for centuries.
pocmloc, May 10 2022

       [+] Is there a part where we run with scissors, and/or make faces while the wind changes?
not_only_but_also, May 10 2022

Voice, May 10 2022

       //Kids have been playing those games for centuries.//   

       Well there you go, this is a safe version.   

       Well safe-er anyway.   

       Occurs to me, these would be soft rubber with a jelly or very soft putty like interior so the balls would flatten out and a) have more surface area to stick to the goggles and b) spread out more to better occlude the view through the goggles.   

       For added effect you could have the projectiles be roughly dart shaped.
doctorremulac3, May 10 2022

       ...or somewhat explosive.
whatrock, May 10 2022

       Re link: Oh yea!   

       Now I wanna play!
doctorremulac3, May 10 2022

       + The best title!
xandram, May 10 2022

       Thank you xan.   

       Is this pushing it? Have see through eyes painted on the front of the goggles with targets on them? Too much?
doctorremulac3, May 10 2022

       nah, sounds like fun
xandram, May 10 2022

       "In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king."
21 Quest, May 10 2022

       Can we make the Velcro balls explosive, like "throw down" fireworks?
UnaBubba, May 11 2022

       No, but if we bend the middle match from many packs of matches underneath each pack so that the match-head rests against the striker, then fold the outer cover over them and tape the crap out of each one individually we can play with exploding throwing-stars!   

       Throw in a few roman candles, crab-apple slingshots and some home-made shoelace aglet blow-darts and you've got some very fond childhood memories of mine.   

Tsh... just squint.
It was hard enough to swipe the match-packs, fireworks and tape without getting caught. We have no tips on any of the shoes in our house now and mom's got no needles anymore so we're in royal shit when she finds out.

Don't be such a wuss...

       We just used slingshots and peach seeds. I can clearly recall Darryl Perkins, with a peach seed hanging from his cheek, just below his eye, by that little spike on the bottom of the seed.   

       We got into a bit of trouble that day.   

       ThrowDown crackers were much more fun in a slingshot.
UnaBubba, May 11 2022

       Nerf guns.
RayfordSteele, May 11 2022


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