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a FAKE Lightsabre

not quite the cutting ability
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Easy, really. Its a huge glowstick with a handle.

Or just tape lots of little ones together.

Comes in seven colours.

Suitable for starwars conventions, low-budget s.f. films and so on.

Loris, Mar 22 2005

(??) as opposed to (1) A_20REAL_20Lightsabre
[Loris, Mar 22 2005]

as opposed to (2) The_20Real_20Lightsabre
[Loris, Mar 22 2005]

toy lightsabre Extending_20toy_20light-sabre
Redundant? [ato_de, Mar 22 2005]

And don't forget (3) The_20Real_20Lightsaber
(making fun of 1 and 2) [Shz, Mar 22 2005]


       //Redundant?// (ato_de's link)
Its not the same.

       Toy lightsabres as an idea are nothing new, there have been different varieties.   

       The advantage of this method is its brightness (Glow-sticks are really quite bright).
The disadvantages are its lack of retractibility, and the one-time use (over 12 hours).

       Whether making something bigger and using it to represent something else constitutes an idea, well... you be the judge.
Loris, Mar 22 2005

       Take a big glowstick.
Stick a handle on it.
Call it a light sabre.
Wait for fish.

       No idea. Plenty of fake light sabres exist. This is just another way to light them.
Freefall, Mar 22 2005

       What does the FAKE stand for?
Basepair, Mar 22 2005

       //What does the FAKE stand for?//   

       Glad you asked.   

       Fake And Known (to) Exist.
Loris, Aug 08 2019


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