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auto syncing eletromechanical metronome

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A metronome is a device that keep the beat by ticking at a regular interval.

However it is often a static experience using a metronome. This is okay for most songs, but what if you could have a metronome that actually listen first and then try to match up with your beat.

This will be good for spontanious music making, or a practice gig, where you may want to try multiple different tempo in quick succession. Being able to experiment with different tempos without having to adjust the tempo each time would encourage experimentation and creativity.

Oh and why electromechanical pendulum display instead of the more common electronic LCD ones? Because its cool, and instead of staring at an LCD display... more people should be staring at a waving thin or thick hard rod instead

mofosyne, Sep 17 2013

Synching Metronomes http://io9.com/5947...-minutes@rtgonzalez
Not exactly this, but interesting... [csea, Sep 18 2013]


       It could also display beats/min on a dial. +
csea, Sep 17 2013

       I'm having a hard time understanding why someone would want to use this? The point of a metronome is to set the tempo or to practice keeping a steady tempo. If it's just following your tempo, what's the point? Or does it lock into a steady tempo after listening for a few seconds? If so, how does it know when to change, and how is that easier tha reaching over and twisting the knob to select a new tempo?
scad mientist, Sep 17 2013

       "Ladies and Gentlemen, the next piece will be the notorious "Concerto #4 in E blunt for Swannee Whistle and chair leg" by the reknowned composer and comb-and-paper vitruoso [Akimbomidget], scored in his characteristic pi / (2 x e) time ..."
8th of 7, Sep 17 2013

       They won't be getting rid of mechanical metronomes until after someone adds an attachment to one that assists the process of causing anyone watching the repetitive motion to become hypnotized (perhaps a small speaker emitting subliminal and monotonous "you are getting sleepy" statements).
Vernon, Sep 17 2013

       Good idea; but it wouldn't always be easy to derive the intended beat by listening to the music. I think we're still in an era when robots are best when they do as they're told, rather than deciding what you want; a metronome that sets its tempo from a few claps or clicks (as drummers lead in bands by tapping their sticks together) might prove less frustrating.
spidermother, Sep 19 2013


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