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base 3 sudoku

mark numbers in base 3 instead of decimal.
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00, 01, 02
10, 11, 12
20, 21, 22

Each location is defined by 4 digits:

For rows: the first two digits define the row number, the next two define the column. Etc.

== Example ==

So if I have a grid of:

00 01 02, 10 11 12, 20 21 22
10 11 12, 20 21 22, 00 01 02

Then row 2 column 6 is Row 02:21

The first digit chooses which triplet, the second is the location within the triplet. In the above example R02 means that I'm in the 0'th triplet (which is the first one) and the second place in that triplet. This is the 2nd row.

:22 means that along that row I go to the last triplet (2 of 0,1,2) and in it to the middle square in the triplet (1 of 0,1,2).

num(x,y) = x*3 + y + 1;

xy(n) = int((n-1)/3) + (n-1)%3.

pashute, Sep 06 2020


       Nope, don't understand.   

       Sudoku = the objective is to fill a grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the contained subgrids contain all of the "base's" digits.   

       Is this more of a way of referencing a standard Sudoku with base three?
wjt, Sep 06 2020

       “Is this more of a way of referencing a standard Sudoku with base three?”
-wjt, Sep 06 2020

       Yeah, that’s how I’m reading it too. But that makes it just a new flavor of Suduko using an alternate token scheme - and there are lots of those (letters, colors, pictures).
kdf, Sep 06 2020

       Why does the second row start with 10?
pocmloc, Sep 06 2020


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