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read in the bath, with no risk of wetting the book, magazine or cereal box(!?)
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This is truly half baked I'm afraid...elaboration needed. By placing the book in a clear plastic "D"shaped vessel, the book can be read at will. Oh no! How do you turn the page? Place magnets on the edges of the pages before getting in the bath. These attract to thes tainless steel thingy supplied, therefore enabling lift and separate of pages. Obviously my two fundamental problems at present are A) not being able to turn the pages easily B) all books and magazines are different shapes, sizes and thickness,
ponda_baba, Jun 23 2000

(?) "You never wash up after yourself" .http://www.dsv.nl/~vdalen/rh/rhmidi.html
Try stretching your hand into a a plastic bag until you can reach the book page. Use a bowl to stretch the bag, if you want. [reensure, Jun 23 2000]

Aqua Erotica http://www.amazon.c...107-5054032-0310934
Waterproof, the way all erotica should be. [rigel, Jun 23 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Waterproof book http://www.halfbake...a/Waterproof_20book
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

free audio books LibriVox.com
Place to download books in public domain for free. [popbottle, Jun 02 2013]

Waterproof reader https://us.kobobook...ducts/kobo-aura-h2o
[whatrock, Jan 04 2017]

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       A great idea, but how about simply laminating the entire book page by page. All your favourite Novels/Magazines could be available in this exciting new format.
Belly, Jun 23 2000

       Another problem is that stainless steel is, for the most part, non-magnetic. <Powerful enough magnets will stick, and certain formulations may have different properties...>   

       And that many magnets so close to each other are not likely to allow you to pick up one of them...   

       Besides, some of the books I read have 900 pages...I don't want to spend two hours sticking magnets to the thing...Might be better off with a sticky-note glue finger, or a suction cup or something like that...
StarChaser, Jun 24 2000

       A solution to the page turning problem could be a rubber wheel that is atteched to a rod. Touch the rubber wheel to the page and with some type of mechanism spin the wheel until the page is on top of the wheel. Useing the rod push and turn the page, pull back and do it again. This could be made water tight.
mika_ranta, Jun 27 2000

       You could also just take a really quick bath and read when you get out.
warped1974, Jul 05 2000

       A big waterproof Ziploc for the book/magazine/scroll, with two waterproof gloves well-sealed to slits in the bottom, should allow this.   

       Mm, or even one glove, and it should be easy to get in & out of, so maybe a mitten or even a smaller baggie.
hello_c, Sep 06 2000

       What about eye strain caused by reading a book through a piece of imperfectly transparent droplet-coated waterproofing?
bookworm, Sep 10 2000

       Aren't electronic books about to hit the mass market? No doubt waterproof versions will soon follow.
rayfo, Oct 27 2000

       There's also the problem of making the book lie flat. For this I recommend having the front and back of this device parallel (as opposed to the D-shaped idea) and the sides made of flexible accordian-folded plastic. This would press the book flat. To bookworm's problem about reading through the water droplets,etc. I suggest a miniature window-wiper.
nick_n_uit, Dec 26 2000

       Aren't we all thinking inside the box here? Surely with today's materials technology we must be able to make a book not of paper, but some kind of plastic film that is waterproof, tearproof (kidproof), durable and lightweight. Doesn't just take down two birds with one stone, but a whole flock of issues with traditional books.
jetckalz, Jan 12 2001

       It seems like a bound book would be really unwieldy. How about some sort of scrolling apparatus? It has the disadvantage that you can't put your ordinary books into it, and it's probably a bit more expensive to produce (not that this would be reflected in the price).
bookworm, Jan 13 2001

       how about a bathtub library where you could rent a bath with your favourite novel imprinted on the insides of the bath
bbobb, Apr 19 2001

       Strange but true -- the german chemical industry had magazine ads displaying a person in a bathtub reading a book. The book was claimed to be manufactured of waterproof pages ("our innovative material research allows to create waterproof books ... bla bla bla"). That was either in the early seventies of the last century or even in the late sixties.
hn3000, Aug 30 2002

       And as people in my favorite bookshop like to point out: you can already read books in the bathtub, buy the paperback, read it in the tub and toss it, when you're done ... also, buy a second copy to keep it.
hn3000, Apr 25 2005

       Twelve years later ... Audiobooks are read easily in the bath or shower. Might need to twist up the volume to hear it over the raindrops.   

       Some P.G. Wodehouse stuff is on LibriVox.com,   

       So your computer can drone on and on and on for free.
popbottle, Jun 02 2013

       With certain eReaders we can now entertain ourselves while in the bath, or while decompressing after a dive [link].
whatrock, Jan 04 2017

       // Audiobooks are read easily in the bath or shower //   

       <gratuitous pedantry>   

       Audiobooks are read (aloud) easily in a studio, by the chosen performer.   

       Audiobooks are listened to (relatively) easily in the bath or shower.   

       It is not physically possible to "read" an audiobook without a speech-to-text convertor.   

8th of 7, Jan 04 2017


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