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burping manhole cover

somethings in the air...
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It might be enjoyable to have a manhole cover belch. (Is there a difference between a burp and a belch?)

This could be accomplished by having a small hole in the middle, maybe 4 to 6 inches across, with a circular plate covering that, sectioned in the middle to slide apart like an opening mouth.

Underneath would be a screen to stop people from dropping things in, and a sensor to keep it from closing if someone were to put fingers in there.

The good part. Affixed below the screen is a potpourri type bowl, filled with the same or a scented oil. Randomly the "mouth" would open and emit a loud braaaap caused by a sound device powered by a battery, powered by a windup handle affixed to the nearest lightpole which local denizens would spin up of their own goodwill.

At the same time, a fan would operate sending wonderful smells of lilac or roses wafting through the air bringing some congeniality to a rushed and harried city.

These could be sponsered in part by local business that would use them as advertising for food shops. Rented out, they would emit odors 2 blocks away from a particular place to enhance ones desire for a certain item.

Buuuurrraaappppp (custard filled eclair scent)

"Did you smell that?"

"Look! Up ahead!"

[edit] Ooohhhh, forgot to add the best part...

once a year, right before a spring rain, the bmc's (burping manhole covers) could be retrofitted with soap bubble dispensers to fill a city with millions of bubbles.

nth, Dec 22 2006

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       I want one of these outside my house +
xenzag, Dec 22 2006

       what he ^ said.
po, Dec 22 2006

       + cute, as long as the toilet shop doesn't get any ideas about passing fart smells.
xandram, Dec 22 2006

       Burp: Adorable. Frequent in babies and society girls.   

       Belch: May contain toxic odors. Often associated with diet coke, (root) beer, and men who sit on the sofa scratching their pudendae for entire weekends.
shapu, Dec 22 2006


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