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busy worker

gadget to make you seem busy at stop lights
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Stuck at a stop light and nothing to do, you lock eyes with the local down and out wanting money for food, he's already bagged a dollar off you yesterday, what can you do to look politely away without being transfixed into space?

You need the busy worker. The busy worker is an array of buttons in the center console that will enable you to look busy. Plugin modules play tic tac toe, etch a sketch, graphic equaliser for stereo. Now you can be busy and concentrate in the car at those waiting moments. Hey Joe, better luck tomorrow, I'm busy!

crunchie, May 24 2001

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       Hey, I have an even better idea! How about, if you wish to help a person coming to you with his or her need, then do so with a smile. If you do not, then politely refuse to with a smile. It will make your whole day and your whole attitude more pleasant, and it isn't even very hard!
globaltourniquet, May 24 2001

       Baked to some degree....my car has 11 different button on the center console for getting the driver's (or passenger's with a flick of a switch) seat adjusted to the perfect fit....I still don't know exactly what the buttons on the bottom row do......
Susen, May 24 2001

       Susen, don't you know? Those buttons on the bottom? The first one is for amble, the second for trot, the third is for canter and the fourth one is gallop.
globaltourniquet, May 24 2001

       Oh, man. I was going to suggest that one of Susen's buttons is for the ejector seat, one for the rear bullet-deflector shield, etc., but I don't think I can beat globaltourniquet's suggestion. Good job.
beauxeault, May 24 2001

       OK ...wise guys....what's the pedal on the left do? I don't think I use it......at least, according to that nice man in blue today, I should try to find out how it works.... ;-)
Susen, May 25 2001

       You mean the clutch?
ejs, May 25 2001

       I've seen something similar, although it was sold as a "radar detector". As far as I can tell it just beeped randomly and had flashing lights and buttons.
daveb, May 25 2001


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