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car power

when cars will run on hydrogen - their power will be used for everything
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Imagine a train - you park yr car in to its pod and its power is used to run the train. You park yr car into yr garage and it creates power for yr house.
sbothra, Oct 11 2004


       Kind of like the olden days when a hub was bolted to the wheel of a truck to drive a sawmill or a pump or whatnot?   

       Why will hydrogen make a difference? Because of pollution concerns? Cost effectiveness?
half, Oct 12 2004

       I suppose if you could make your own hydrogen and you live in the middle of nowhere, it might be useful.
Ling, Oct 12 2004

       Yr not making much sense. :P
ghillie, Oct 12 2004

       I believe he or she means hydrogen fuel cells, not hydrogen combustion.
BJS, Aug 18 2006

       Sorry, you park which car in which garage to create power for which house? I've never heard of a "yr car". Is that similar to a "le car"?   

       If you're going to use sms shorthand, at least go all the way. I'll illustrate:   

       imagn a trn u prk ur cr in its pd n its pwr is usd 2 run da trn u prk ur cr n2 ur grg n it cr8s pwr 4 ur hse   

       [-] for laziness and unoriginality.
Freefall, Aug 18 2006

       Amazing that the people who believe in hydrogen power don't realize it comes from burning coal...or god!...nuclear!
ldischler, Aug 18 2006

       Hydrogen doesn't come from burning god...
BJS, Aug 19 2006

       Nor does it necessarily come from burning coal.
Texticle, Aug 20 2006

       Ideally, you could pulverize old cars and use the powder to power a new car.
phundug, Aug 20 2006

       I tink if we converted to hydrogen fuel cell cars overnight (You wake up & presto!, Viola!... Your car is now a HFC car). The power required to provide hydrogen as a fuel would actually come from coal, natural gas, or gawd!, newclur power plants.
Zimmy, Aug 20 2006

       Maybe we could reel in Jupiter and use its hydrogen for all our energy needs.
phundug, Aug 20 2006

       What!!? & screw up the binary system the Monolith will set up for us in less than 4 years now?
Zimmy, Aug 20 2006

       All the hydrocarbons you will ever want are on Saturn's moon, Titan. "All ya gotta do" is figure a way to get it here cheaply. Then we can accelerate Global Warming to the point that even Bob Lutz realizes it's a problem.
whlanteigne, Mar 11 2008

       "Mum, when's dinner?" </br> "Not till your father gets home with the car, he's going to be late because the train isn't very busy."   

       The most elegant solution for a hydrogen car is to have a solar-powered house which re-cracks the water each night.
marklar, Mar 11 2008


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