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A table for the car
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A few years ago, I browsed one of those catalogues that sells senior citizen stuff and saw the most atrocious car accessory: a table on which to put fast food. Harmless? No--as to use the table, the driver would have to attach it to the steering wheel. I guess it'd be good for driving the interstate through Nevada or South Dakota, but no turns please or that Big Mac will fly out the window. I propose a simple modification: don't hook the thing up to the steering wheel, but provide a neck strap or seatbelt clips for attaching the table to a more stable object. Rock on, Kester
1kester, Oct 09 2001

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       Mind you in the UK you could still be arrested for driving "without due care or attention". Any table would be a potential distraction and/or block vision. Could it be that the table was intended to be used on a stationary car when the steering wheel wouldn't move?
Aristotle, Oct 09 2001

       Sulu: Captain, it appears the Klingons have deployed a squadron of assault carts!   

       Kirk: Activate the cartray at once!
beauxeault, Oct 09 2001

       Please note: this tray is for a driver. Also, _reading_ the search results from search engines often shows the faults of boolean search operators. I disagree, not so baked in this inception, or at least in the states.
1kester, Oct 09 2001

       Like I said...
1kester, Oct 09 2001

       I agree with Aristotle, original or not its still arrestable, I mean you can legally get pulled over for being on the mobile/cell phone in the UK unless its a hands free kit. Unless its for stationary use (in which case, it wouldnt be needed) then the tray is a bad bad thing. Apart from that, you want to strap a table to your neck while driving at high speeds on the interstate?? are you insane?
The_Englishman_Abroad, Oct 09 2001

       One way to do this safely would be to have long things to eat suspended close to the drivers mouth along with nozzles or straws that supply drink. UK consumers will recognise the Pepperami spiced sausage band as example of this kind of food. In-car technology is starting to use systems that can turn off phones and other distractions when it judges the current driving situation warrants more attention so prehaps some kind of nourishment supplying apparatus could use this.
Aristotle, Oct 10 2001

       There are driving bibs that you can buy which are somewhat splayed out at the bottom to protect your pants too. They're dangerous, but if people are going to eat while they drive (which they will regardless), then they might as well be clean.   

       As for the tray, if it hooked onto the steering wheel, it was probably meant for use while not driving. Otherwise you'd have a device on it for coping with turns, like you mentioned.   

       By the way, who among us have mastered the fine art of driving a manual tranny with a hot beverage in one hand in the city?
rapid transit, May 20 2003


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