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cat mouse click

pc interface
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Contemplating a purchase of a remote control mouse for the house cat has got me thinking. With appropriately written software, and the correct hardware, I think it would be possible to control aforementioned mouse with>>>mouse clicks from the computer<<<.

Some of the benefits might be a file on the program to remember patterns/routines that are especially enjoyable for your pet and possibly even a game type program that would let you "win" if you can get the mouse into the hole you've cut out in a cardboard box to simulate a mousehole in the wall before said pet can attack it. Above all of course, enhancing fun for your kitty.

Still thinking of variables on this one. Feel free to have a go as you may.

nth, Mar 02 2007

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       I actually like the idea. It often seems that the only time my cat pays any attention to me is when I'm on the computer trying to get some work done. Rather than getting annoyed with the pesky feline, tiring it out with a few clicks of the mouse would definitely be beneficial. It would also give me yet another excuse to procrastinate.
Gambrinus, Mar 02 2007


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