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confetti suit

exotic dancer clothing
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The exotic dancer wets her/his body parts with water and a tiny amount of oil. Then she/he procedes to roll in a huge tub of confetti. The confetti will stick to the wet parts of their bodies.( parts they have chosen). As they dance on the stage, a large fan is turned on and starts a small gust of wind. As the dancer continues to dance, the air dries the confetti and it starts to fall off piece by piece...

"Grind your hips and dry the water off them."

xandram, Jun 09 2010

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       I'm not so sure that the confetti would ever come off, unless the air blowing is very dry and warm. Ordinary sand would probably shake off better.... post the trials up on youtube +
xenzag, Jun 09 2010

       +3 you are all perverts.
po, Jun 09 2010

       +5 you included in that lot, oh poopsy? Ha. I like the idea, too. +
blissmiss, Jun 09 2010

       admittedly this is a poorly thought out idea...but thanks for your enthusiasm! xox
of course the air is very dry and warm...hehe
xandram, Jun 09 2010

       wouldn't whippped cream be better? then it's edible
metarinka, Jun 11 2010

       There is absolutely no validity to the rumor that one of [xandram]'s early experiments with this concept utilizing live sardines and wood glue caused injury to the volunteer subject, and anyway in view of pending litigation he has been advised to decline comment.
normzone, Jun 12 2010

       And now, <clap-clap>, the dance of a thousand pasties.   

       I pictured confetti shooting out when she ripped off a particular piece of clothing. Like: Bottom-BAM! Top- BAM! BAM!   

       Shooting out of where? I hadn't thought it out that far.
doctorremulac3, Jun 12 2010

       [metarinka] naked girls dressed in whipped cream is totally baked! just google it for yourself...
xandram, Jun 13 2010

       More like check your browsing history for yourself.
rcarty, Jun 14 2010


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