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context sensitive interface via bluetooth low energy

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Its always nice to be able to just look at a light bulb and tell it to turn off.

Could we perhaps find a way to implement context sensitive aware interface using standard bluetooth low energy.

The idea is that the device has a "ID" or password that is only shown when pointed to by a controller device like a google glass. This can take the form of either a QR code, or an Infrared beacon, or a directional bluetooth antenna on the controller.

A standardized protocol stack on top of bluetooth low energy in both controller and the bluetooth device(lightbulb) will transfer between it different metadata and commands.

1. By default: name "Living room light" 2. If asked for interface and how to 'respond': Text:"On/Off" or HTML: controller could ask for an optional html static html page with svg images for a more fancy interface, e.g. a password keypad. 3. Command send back to act on it: e.g. Door unlocked

mofosyne, Jul 18 2013

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8th of 7, Jul 18 2013


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