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desert near sea desalination

low cost evaporative sea water desal with salt output
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Pump sea water up to pools at the highlands supply area.

Water-spray evaporative cooling cools down brine water in pipes.

Damp air moves to cooling area running around the cooled pipes, condensing and dripping into clear water pools where it is stored and sent back down.

Damp Salt is gathered from evaporating area for drying. Plants are planted around the cooling pools to make them even cooler.

Animals are allowed to live in and around the different types of water so that nature continues. (although not the original desert nature).

pashute, Jul 01 2022

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       Are the pipes in your second paragraph the same pipes in which the water is pumped up to the highlands, or different pipes?   

       Is the water used in the evaporative cooling system refreshed from the output of the desalination, or is it a separate working fluid, which circulates within its own closed system?   

       Why do you want to cool down the brine in the pipes? Don't you want the brine to be as warm as possible, to promote evaporation?
pertinax, Jul 01 2022

       I'm not seeing any new method of desalination, or a new proposed location, or a new anything.
Voice, Jul 01 2022


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