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exit priority junctions

less hold up on main road
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The problem with T junctions and crossroads is that to turn off a main road you may have to wait for a gap in oncoming traffic. Many 'main' roads around where I live are too narrow to wait in the middle of the road, so this involves lots of waiting and slow traffic.

I propose alternative T junctions and crossroads, specially marked, where the oncoming traffic on the main road has to give way to anyone signalling and waiting to turn off. This would keep the traffic flowing.

I know a lot of people will let you out anyway, but law would be more effective.

Bad Jim, Jun 17 2008


       You could put up a yield sign.   

       No new laws required.
mylodon, Jun 18 2008

       Sorta baked in Oregon. We have stop signs that allow a turn without stopping "Turns Permitted Without Stopping".   

       Opposing signs are marked to warn that opposing traffic doesn't stop. This has the effect of allowing drivers on the most-used routes to proceed without stopping.
Klaatu, Jun 18 2008

       Jug handles ? They work well in New Jersey.
8th of 7, Jun 18 2008

       I'm referring the kind of road in a British town with one lane for going each way, not particularly wide lanes either. If the local council can't widen the road by about a yard so a car can wait in the middle of the road allowing cars past, they won't build a jug handle.   

       A legally enforced 'Pittsburgh Left' on the other hand, requires no extra ground or roadworks, just signs, paint and an entry in the Highway Code.
Bad Jim, Jun 18 2008

       [+] but I think it needs more work
FlyingToaster, Jun 18 2008


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