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feedback layer

like a mouse pointer for touch screens
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The advantage of the mouse pointer for me was that it was at the very top layer and would only not respond if the computer was truely blown up. If the computer was just taking its sweet effing time about something, as it is wont to do, you could still wave the mouse around and know that some effing body inside the damn computer was listening to you. So this is some eqivalent for touch screens. Good sweet jesus h effing christ.
JesusHChrist, May 21 2013


       I have a bunch of different kinds of time that I spend with devices and when i am using these new fangled mobile touch screen devices, most of the highly focused, interactivity-capable kind of time that i spend, I spend not interacting at all but instead, waiting for something to freaking happen. It may not be much of a percentage of the overall time I spend with the device but it is the most important kind of time because so much energy is tied up in it. Right after I have assessed the situation, deliberated, made a choice, steadied myself to execute the touch action, performed what I have in my muscle memory as the appropriate gesture, and then am waiting vigilantly with one finger hanging in the air above the touch screen, locked between my eye and the totally visual, totally untactile interface, for some kind of sign that the powers that be have heard my call -- in this heightened state -- when, on a PC, I used to get some me-time to make the mouse clicky do little loops around a stray decorative element on the screen and revel in the responsive inanity, I now on these new fangled mobile touch screen devices have either to back up into my head to get interaction which is sticky ground, or I have to start to consider the level at which the interaction may have gone wrong -- whether that is that the device didnt understand my gesture, the system is frozen, the internets is just taking its time, the whole world has stopped or some other scenario. What a pain.
JesusHChrist, May 22 2013


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