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web service to predict bad hair days
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The Frizzly.com web service gathers information about its users, combines these with weather reports, and predicts users' bad hair days.

Each user creates a profile, providing information about their hair. They might fill out a simple survey describing hair texture, upload photos, etc. Frizzly uses an algorithm to predict how this hair will react to various temperature/humidity conditions.

Users can also report their bad hair days to Frizzly. Thanks to sophisticated machine learning technology, Frizzly thus gets better at predicting.

Frizzly monitors weather predictions.

When Frizzly notices weather predictions that are likely to cause bad hair days, it alerts the user. The user might then act upon this description by wearing a hat/headscarf/Marie Antoinette wig that day.

The Frizzly business strategy: hope to get acquired by an online hat retailer that wants an excuse to send occasional notices to customers.

lahosken, Jul 18 2009

Intellicast Bad Hair Day outlook http://www.intellic...lth/BadHairDay.aspx
[tatterdemalion, Jul 18 2009]

Haircaster iPhone app (*iTunes App Store link*) http://itunes.apple...e?id=305043123&mt=8
"Check Haircaster anytime you plan to step outdoors to see how your local conditions will affect your hair - and if there's a danger of the FRIZZ FACTOR." [tatterdemalion, Jul 18 2009]

Hair Day Weather http://www.wowowow.com/weather
[tatterdemalion, Jul 18 2009]

Humid warm day http://i122.photobu...thly/100_0243-1.jpg
Seaweed substitute? [nineteenthly, Jul 18 2009]

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