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gizmo's song

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Halfbakery is as deadly as an iron mace

We always belch and never say grace

When I came I thought it was a dream

It's got more supporters than a football team

I came without a care in my head

but the thought of a fish bone fills me with dread

I don't really care if you like me ideas

but the thought of rejection fills me with tears

I've made an odd friend, She likes me so I think

If she said she did not, I'd be sick in the sink.

I am quite sure I'm the youngest HB

For a mad inventer, I want to be.

gizmo, Feb 02 2002

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       Funny song, you should change the category to "Halfbakery:Song" though. Croissant to anyone who writes a song on the 1/2 Bakery!
NeverDie, Feb 02 2002

       UnaBubba's got a few kicking around here somewhere...
snarfyguy, Feb 03 2002

       I like you gizmo (and your mum); not quite sure about the present state of my oddness though.
po, Feb 03 2002

       oh and as well as the category thing use line break ( < br > - no spaes) instead of paragraph brakes... it helps...
RobertKidney, Feb 03 2002

       I thought I put this under the halfbakery song heading.
gizmo, Feb 03 2002

       [gizmo] you are young, that is true.
But it's no reflection on you.
A mad scientist you'll be,
perhaps building things half-bakedly,
and you might even sell one or two.
phoenix, Feb 03 2002

       What's a gizmos song?
DrBob, Feb 03 2002

       Something for the apostrophically challenged I presume.
st3f, Feb 03 2002

       Ah, I see that my subtle hint has been effective. Well done, giz. Give me the boy and I'll give you the man (as the Jesuits are fond of saying).
DrBob, Feb 04 2002

       Or was that the Catholics?
Oh no, now I remember there's is "Give me the boy, and I'll give him a..."

       Croissant. Keep it up gizmo. Although I was hoping for a lyric to the mogwai song from Gremlins....
goff, Feb 04 2002

       I fink I mite B a bit younger that U gizmo
slarti, May 29 2004


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