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gyroscope for skating control

strap a gyroscope to your back and increase your stability
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A gyroscope (approx. diameter: 1ft, weight 8lb, variable spinning speed) powered by small electric motor. The gyroscope would be mounted within a plastic shell with aerodynamic exterior, comfortable backing and shoulder straps (would resemble a back pack).
xaviergisz, Mar 01 2004


       Could it be hat-mounted?
Monkfish, Mar 01 2004

       <raises hand> I wanna be the tester for this.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 02 2004

       Based on the effect I've experienced just with a spinning bicycle wheel, I'm gonna guess that 8lbs might be excessive.
half, Mar 02 2004

       Would certainly help with your posture.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 02 2004


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